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Region 9

Welcome to Region 9, serving Alachua, Citrus, Flagler, Lake, Marion, and Volusia Counties!


Director Scott Ruland
Chair Jamie Hope
Vice Chair (east) Brian Terry
Vice Chair (west) Tom Mikell
Secretary Jim Parrish
Treasurer Bob Serpa
Sec-Treas Elect Randy Cornell

Upcoming Events

Region IX January Membership Meeting - 1/11/2017

Region IX Deep Sea Fishing Trip - 1/14/2017

Region IX January Reclaimed Water Distribution Level C Course Registration - 1/23/2017

Region IX January Water Distribution Level 3 Registration - 1/23/2017

Region IX February Backflow Tester Registration - 2/6/2017

Region IX February Wastewater Collections C Course Registration - 2/13/2017

Region IX Test Retakes & BF RECERTS Review - 2/24/2017


No New Items


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Region 9 Sponsors

  • Danus Utilities, Inc.
  • Dumont Company Inc.
  • Sawcross Inc.
  • Odyssey  Manufacturing Co.