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Politically Correctness
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I agree!

Ed Norton is turning over in his grave.

This is a result of a PC Correctness initiative passed by the City of Berkley California. As far as I know no one else has jumped on the bandwagon. I personally think they have gone too far.

Whats next making stop signs etc speak what they say as you approach so blind drivers can hear them?
I would leave it alone, unless mandated to change.  I can't imagine the volumes of references throughout our texts, manuals, presentations, trainings, etc., requiring changes, just to satisfy somebody's opinion of political correctness.

As I have been Instructing around the state; several times it has been brought up & discussed with Students how we have gone to politically correct titles, etc. such as mail carrier, fire fighter.
It has been brought up what about manhole(S)?
In the past week I have heard and students a Pasco County WW 'A' Class, that they (whomever they are?) are starting to call them Maintenance Holes.
What do we as the FWPCO think?

David Pachucki  
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