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Get the New Phone App - IT's FREE!

 | Published on 4/2/2017

The FWPCOA now has a free phone app for our association. This is in addition to the current ability to view the website on a mobile device, and provides a lot of additional functionality.  Once you download the app to your phone and launch it you will see an initial splash screen, members will need to login with the same username and password that they use for the main website. These credentials only need to be entered once; members can check the Remember Me option so that the app subsequently opens without prompting for this information.

NOTE: This app works for members only.

The mobile app provides access to the full website as well as your member profile screen and payment options if money is owed. But its real strength lies in the special features provided for mobile users. These features are based around “Channels”, which are groups of members defined in various ways (for example, interest groups, committees, chapters, member types, opt-in, etc.) and have been defined in many different ways. Each channel supports the following functions separate from the other channels:

  • Real-time Chat among members of the channel only
  • Meets, to meet up with other channel members
  • Channel-based events
  • Channel Member Directory
  • Polls among members of the channel only

The app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Once you have logged into the app, new options appear on your Profile screen to update app preferences and channel memberships. Each channel features a live chat function, meets, events, and polls. Note, some channel functions such as Chat and Meets can also be accessed from the website

This screen lists the Channels you are a member of based on the criteria:

  • Channels available to all Active Members
  • Channels available where you were added to by a Moderator
  • Channels available because of participation in a Region or Interest Group
  • Channels available because of your membership in a Committee
  • Channels available that you can you OPT-IN on to discuss water, wastewater stormwater, reclaim, IPP etc.
There is also a SPECIAL channel to opt into for the Florida Water Resources Conference so if you're attending OPT-IN and communicate with fellow FWPCOA members at the conference.

How to use the APP

After you download it to your phone, go into the website on a computer, login and select PROFILE from the dropdown under your name on the right side. There will be a new section for the mobile app. You can turn channels on and off, activate chat and or meet. and customize our mobile app profile. Then go into the app and stat communicating.

Downloading the app is free to members!