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2019 Operator License Renewal Time

Mike Darrow What time is it? License renewal time! Every two years the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) water and wastewater treatment plant operator’s license and water distribution system operator’s license expire on April 30. You are going to want to renew your license by that date

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The FWPCOA is an organization of members who are engaged in the production, treatment and distribution of drinking water; the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater; and/or the collection and treatment of stormwater. To help organize and provide better service, the state of Florida is divided into 13 regions.


The purpose of the FWPCOA is to protect the health of the citizens & preserve the natural resources We accomplish this by advancing the professional status of water and wastewater operators, providing a licensing system, and arranging training programs. The association works in cooperation with the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association (FS/AWWA), the Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA), the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Educational System.


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